24 Apr

5 Web Hosting Frustrations Encountered by Webmasters in Cameroon

Web Hosting is usually a nightmare to young Web Designers and Web Masters. The problem starts from the classroom, as several Web Design Vocational schools never ever get to show the students how to use and manage a cPanel for Web Hosting. All training sessions are handled on the local server. XAMPP, WAMP, etc.

For those who try to organize workshops on Web Hosting in schools, it feels like a ‘you can look but don’t touch’ workshop, and they students are made to think that if they make any mistakes, they might destroy everything; like their lives will be totally destroyed if a student distorts something in a cPanel.

Ok, I’m not saying that it’s okay to mess up with cPanels. Your company’s cPanel is a sanctuary. Business emails, websites and their configurations are in the cPanel. One mistake could put your website down or destroy some very important emails needed to close or create new business for your company.

However, it would be nice if your school created laboratory cPanels for training purposes. They’re usually not expensive. I think each student should own a cPanel for the entire period of their course so as to build strong Web Master muscles.

Nonetheless, you didn’t have a cPanel as a student. You worship the damn thing like a tabernacle and you wish your school administrator or Web Design teacher had read this article before you went to school. Sorry, that didn’t happen. So let’s look at some problems you’re most likely facing right now or you will be facing in the new future in your career as a Web Master.

1. Transferring WordPress websites to the cPanel for Web Hosting is a long, hard and error-prone process

WordPress is the most popular cPanel in the world today, and webmasters just love it how they can make advanced changes with a few clicks. The interface of WordPress’ backend is so simple to use and when it comes to managing updates, the Web Master can spare himself from so much work if s/he can just train other persons like the content marketer or the CEO on how to make simple content updates, post articles and change a picture.

The problem is WordPress, as simple as it is when working, does not have a very simple codebase. WordPress is a database driven application and most of the data and instructions are stored in the database. As a result, just transferring the (so many) files to the online web server will not do the trick. Also, saving the SQL file from the database to upload it into PHPMyAdmin online is not enough. There is so much configuration involved here, and even after the configuration done over hours of work, you are most likely going to have errors.

There is so much configuration involved here, and even after the configuration done over hours of work, you are most likely going to have errors.

There are a couple of ways to get around this. The first one is to keep learning, do this hard approach again and again until you master it.

The second approach is to use a WordPress plugin like Duplicator or Backup Buddy to handle the transfer of websites from your local computer to live online servers. Plugins like this can save your life. Here’s a Youtube video that shows you how to use Duplicator to transfer your website from localhost in just 10 minutes.

Plugins like these are a live-saver. If you have this problem of migraines when hosting WordPress websites, you can order web hosting from us here at Makonjo Host, buy yourself a beer (and mine, with money, with the money for migraines pain killers), sit down and host your website in 10 (or 20) minutes.

2. Setting Up Mails on Mobile & Desktop Clients

We know that every business in Cameroon needs a website. That’s not just it. Every business needs a website with professional emails. At Makonjo Host, a Webmaster can create unlimited email accounts for each of our Website Hosting Plans.

The problem comes up when your boss says that she wants to receive all her emails on her Outlook desktop app or on her mobile phone. Setting it up is not as easy as ABC and can be very troublesome sometimes.

Here’s a video on how you can setup Webmail on Outlook 2010

And if you need to set it up on iPhones, you can use this

Hope you’re sorted on that. If you need something for Android and Blackberry too. If you need, hit me up in the comments.

3. It is tricky to transfer a database from a local computer to the web hosting server.

We saw an example on how we can easily transfer our WordPress websites from the local computer to our Live hosting on the cPanel in a breeze. We were using plugins like Backup Buddy and Duplicator. However, let’s assume we needed to go the manual way. How would you do it?

The video below shows you how to do it.

4. .htaccess problems are usually a pain in the ass

After hosting your website onto the cPanel, we begin having problems like permalinks not working properly, and some other problems. A good number of the difficulties you face with your website can be fixed from the .htaccess. Here’s a short course that will teach you many things about the .htaccess.


5. Dealing with Viruses & Hackers

Ohh! Viruses! Hackers! These two words make every Webmaster cringe. Okay, perhaps when your class bully’s website is hacked or attacked by a virus or hacked, it’s kinda laughable. But yours? Naaa! It’s a nightmare. There are two main ways I’d advise you to deal with viruses;

  1. Prevent virus attacks at all cost (or affordable costs)
  2. Always have backups, so that if attacked, you can clean and restore.

Prevention is better than cure; when it comes to web hosting

To prevent virus attacks, firstly, choose (buy) a very secured server. Makonjo Host sells very secured server hosted in the UK. We’ve heard of several hack scenes all over the world lately, not the UK. Our servers are managed with a proprietary technology called SMART which is designed for speed and security. We also offer free SSL security certificates to all our customers, which goes on to increase your security.

We also offer FREE DDoS Protection and Free SPAMExperts Protection.

Makonjo Web Hosting Security Features

Makonjo Host Security Features

If your site is built with WordPress, it is advisable to use security plugins like Wordfence and Sucuri to enhance your website.

Other basic things you should do are protect your login details and change your password once in a while.

Always have a backup (plan). Better safe than sorry.

When it comes to backups, make sure to choose a server company that provides regular automatic backups for your website. Makonjo Host offers free weekly/monthly backups as standard (2 x snapshots stored). Our backup infrastructure provides a business-class level of service powered by 100% SSD disks for blazingly fast data transfer, stored completely off-site and powered by R1Soft.

Our backup services have the following benefits:

  • 30 Daily backup snapshots
  • Backups of ALL websites you create
  • Files, databases & emails backed up
  • Restore individual files or folders with ease
  • 100% SSD disks
  • Stored off-site
  • Powered by R1Soft

So now, you don’t have to worry about Web Hosting again. If you need some cPanel training, you can contact us. We give our regular customers free 1-on-1 cPanel training.

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